WMAW 2019 – Sword in Armour: Using Standard Grip and Transitioning to Half-Sword Grip

Some video from my 2019 WMAW class on sword in armour – specifically, the use of the sword in a standard grip (both hands on the hilt) as opposed to a “half-sword” grip (one hand on the hilt and the other on the blade.

For years I’ve noticed that when people fight spear in armour, they generally use the longest possible extension of the weapon, despite the prevalence of spear guards in the medieval canon that grip more towards the center of the haft and the techniques that employ those guards. Conversely, we’re told and shown that using the sword in standard grip is a valid and useful tactic, and yet people almost instantly shift to half-sword grip when fighting at sword in armour.

For several years now I’ve been teaching classes using the standard grip combined with transitions to half-sword grip, along with many of my colleagues such as Greg Mele and Scott Farrell, and I’m pleased to say that more and more people are fighting this way, and fighting effectively.

This video is only a few segments of a larger class, but it shows the essential components of the lesson and can be easily understood by any fighter with some experience under their belt.