This page serves as a a central repository for instructional resources produced by IAS members, such as videos or other multimedia.

Armizare Society YouTube Page 

An ever-growing series of videos on armizare and its sub-disciplines.

Beginning Armizare

A 30+ page training document complete with introductory historical material, illustrations, drills and a twelve week lesson plan for introducing new students to Fiore dei Liberi’s “Art of Arms”.

“From Largo to Stretto” Longsword Workshop – Chicago, March 2014

Video of instructional segments from a workshop expanding on the ideas and concepts found in the article Wide and Close Play in Armizare, the Martial Tradition of Fiore dei Liberi. Please note that the video/sound quality varies greatly in each clip.

Part One: Zogho Largo with the Sword in Two Hands

Part Two: Zogho Stretto

Les Maîtres d’Armes Student Guides

The following guides serve as orientation and tracking aides for students of LMA.

1 – intro guide
2 – novice & apprentice guide
3 – giocatore guide
4 – compagno guide
5 – scolaro guide