IAS co-founder Gregory Mele and advisor Tom Leoni are proud to present Flowers of Battle, a multi-volume series of lavishly illustrated, hard-cover books, combining full-color facsimiles of the master’s original manuscripts; professional, annotated translations; and extensive, peer-reviewed essays.

Vol. I: Historical Overview and the Getty Manuscript presents a complete translation, transcription and reproduction of the largest and most complete of the manuscripts. Serving as a sourcebook for the entire series, it also includes chapters on the life of Fiore dei Liberi, his students, and patrons; arms and armour in the Getty Manuscript; dueling and chivalric culture in Italy at the close of the 14th century; a detailed analysis of the manuscripts’ use of pedagogy, number and metaphor; and the Flower of Battle’s relationship to other medieval combat manuscripts. While serving as a record of a complete, medieval martial tradition, this volume also provides unique insights into the life, mindset, and milieu of the professional fighting man at the birth of the Italian Renaissance.

Volume One Contents:

Publisher’s Preface

Part One: Fiore dei Liberi and His World
I. Italy at the Birth of the Renaissance
II. The Master and His Students
III. Understanding the Master Through His Student
IV. Portrait of a Renaissance Despot
V. The Transformation of Chivalry in Late Medieval Italy
VI. The Duel of Honor in the Time of Fiore dei Liberi
VII. The Tools of War

Part Two: The Art of Arms—An Analysis of the Flower of Battle
I. Pedagogy and the Flower of Battle
II. An Overview of Getty Ms. Ludwig XV 13
III. Numbers and Symbols in the Flower of Battle

Part Three: Getty Ms. Ludwig XV 13 Facsimile, Translation, and Transcription
I. Translator’s Notes
II. Facsimile, Transcription, and Translation

A. The Gatari Chronicle of the Galeazzo-Boucicaut Duel
B. Glossary
C. Bibliography

The Flowers of Battle Series Includes:

Vol. I: Historical Overview and the Getty Manuscript
Vol. II:  Flos Duellatorum
Vol. III: Florius de Arte Luctandi 
Vol. IV: The Pierpont-Morgan Manuscript and General Concordance (2019)
Vol. V: Leaves of Battle – Fiore dei Liberi’s Martial Heirs and Influence (Late 2019)

Flowers of Battle Series is available from the publisher, Freelance Academy Press.