Key components of the Society’s mission are promoting awareness of the Art’s modern revival, providing instruction in its various disciplines and mentoring new students and study groups, with the goal of creating a robust, international community of teachers able to carry armizare into the next generation.  The Resource sub-pages are part of a living library to assist in these objectives.

The Articles page is a frequently updated library of new and interesting research in armizare and its historical context.

The Glossary will introduce you to the technical vocabulary of armizare and its most commonly accepted English translations.

The Instructional Resources page has a growing repository of training materials, including class handouts, detailed curriculum, video lessons and seminar footage to help.

There is an ever-growing number of written and digital resources for students of armizare, and you will find a listing of the more important and/or easily available resources listed under Further Reading.

Finally, a world-wide listing of armizare sala d’arme (schools of arms), both those affiliated with the Society and not, on the Schools, Study Groups and Academies page is provided as a networking resource.  As with any such endeavor, the quality and formality of instruction can vary wildly and caveat emptor always applies.