With the growing interest in the the study and recreation of armizare, there has developed a world-wide presence of schools, academies and study-groups.  As with any such endeavor, the quality and formality of instruction can vary wildly and caveat emptor always applies. To aid would-be students, the listing is organized as “IAS Affiliated Schools”, “Recommended Schools” and “Other Schools”.


The following are academies that are led by an IAS certified instructor and thus follow methodologies, interpretations and pedagogy consistent with the information found on this website. If you are interested in the IAS, this is where you find us!


Chicago Swordplay Guild — Chicago, Illinois
The Guild also has a number of “daughter schools”, using a unified curriculum under the oversight of its Dean (see Affiliates, below)

Northwest Fencing Academy — Eugene, Oregon


Les  Maitres des Armes — Ottawa, Canada


The following academies are schools following the IAS methodology  or are directly mentored by an IAS instructor.


Lone Star Swordplay Guild — Austin and Houston, Texas
(Chicago Swordplay Guild Mentored School)

Milwaukee Swordplay Guild — Milwaukee, WI
(Chicago Swordplay Guild Mentored School)

Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild — Denver, Colorado
(Chicago Swordplay Guild Mentored School)

Susquehannah Valley Swordplay Guild — Eastern Pennsylvania
(Chicago Swordplay Guild Mentored School)

IAS Affiliate Groups

AESIR (Academy of European Swordsmanship Research & Instruction)  — Melbourne, NSW

Hoplologia — Toronto

Tampere-HEMA — Tampere 

Confraternita dei Liberi — Padua

Akademia Szermierzy — Warsaw

Tri-State Historical Fencing Club — Port Jervis, New York

Iron Gate Martial Arts — Visalia, California

Northwest Armizare — Sherwood, Oregon

High Desert Armizare — Bend, Oregon

East Texas Historical Fencing — Tyler, Texas

IAS Independent/”At-Large” Affiliates

Mauro Carapacchi — Rieti, Lazio, Italy

Federico Malagutti — Borgosesia, Piedemont, Italy

Will de Solar — Boston, MA, USA

Nikola Stelja — Kraków, Poland


The following list of schools all have armizare as either their focus or a core component of their curriculum but either significantly differ in focus, methodology or interpretation from the IAS, or chose to remain independent of outside certification.  In all cases, the Society considers them to be excellent, reliable training centers for serious students.


Academie Duello — Vancouver, British Columbia
The largest Western martial arts school in the world, Academie Duello teaches a combined, modern curriculum of Italian martial arts, in which canonical armizare forms a core component.

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts — Toronto, Ontario
AEMMA also has three sattelite chapters in Ontario and eastern Canada:

St. Lawrence Swordfighters’ Guild – Kemptville, ON


School of European Swordsmanship — Various locations
A large and well-known academy, SES has branches throughout Finland, as well as satellites in Sweden and Germany.


La Salla delle Armi — Turin and Valesia

Regia Turris — Pordenone


The Exiles — Various locations
The Exiles is a Martial Arts School based in London England with several study groups around the UK and Europe, and teach a workable and full martial curriculum that include the entirety of Fiore dei Liberi’s art, as well as its application in a modern context.

  • Barking, East London
  • Barlborough, Derbyshire
  • Basildon, Essex
  • Carlisle, Cumbria
  • Illford, East London
  • Reading, Berkshire
  • Richmond, West London
  • Sheffield, South Yorkshire
  • Aberaeron, West Wales (personal training by arrangement)


Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild — Schuyler, VA

Lonin League — Seattle, WA

Southern Academy of Swordsmanship — Laurel, MS