This website offers a collection of learning resources for armizare practitioners, or aspiring practitioners. As such, it is open to any individual or group by choosing one of the below subscription tiers. Apart from “Supporter”, all the tiers provide access to the IAS curriculum and learning materials, with each level offering differing support levels.


The International Armizare Society has two subscription types: individual and group. Our Charter page offers more information about our vision, mission and standards.

Tiers are designed to cater to your individual needs (individually, or as a group), with each tier providing different perks and support. Choose the subscription tier that best suits your needs.

Individual Tiers


$25 /year

The supporter tier is for you if you think our mission is worthwhile, and want to help us keep the lights on. Gain access to our library of articles and the curriculum syllabus, as well as the member discussion group.



$50 /year

The Affiliate tier is a self-study program that provides access to the full curriculum with recorded lessons and full access to articles. Independent scholars also receive discounts on IAS-related events.



$80 /year

The Companion tier gives you access to everything the Affiliate level offers, plus a monthly online lecture or lesson, and thus direct communication and support.


What’s the difference between the Affiliate and Companion tiers? In short, the Affiliate tier is a self-study program using the IAS method and curriculum, and gives you access to IAS ranking and accreditation. The Companion tier gives you monthly access to IAS instructors and guest lecturers, and better support.

In both cases, direct supervision, private lessons or attendance at events is supplemental, the terms of which should be discussed with your instructor of choice.

Group and Private mentoring


$125 / year

A group tier named in the spirit of the mercenary companies of medieval Italy, and ideal for existing schools and study groups, the Company tier affords you all the same resources as the companion tier – full access to a self-study program, and the opportunity to test for rank and accreditation within the IAS.





  • Direct mentoring is available by contacting the IAS or one of its member instructors directly. Any fees are to be discussed between the instructor and group or individual seeking mentoring. A subscription level may be required to access materials on the site.


Full Membership is contingent on being ranked and accredited by the IAS. Membership is accorded to schools with an instructor of at least Provost rank – the school is a member because it is directly under the instruction of an accredited teacher. IAS accreditation is the result of rigorous vetting, on-going personal interaction, in-person training and a ranking process which evaluates the candidates’ teaching ability, their application of the system, quality of execution, quality of interpretation, knowledge of the system and universal martial principles.

Membership also implies a commitment to the goals and ideals of the IAS, and requires that the member participate in the Society’s activities, either through participating in examinations, contributing articles, courses and lessons, or any other contribution that furthers the Society’s goals in tangible fashion. Should the relationship between a group and its accredited instructor cease, it is incumbent on the group to seek ranking. Of course, the group may continue its mentoring relationship, and support will continue to be supplied by the IAS.