Alphabet - Here begins the art of the noble weapon called the lance, which regularly opens the fight both on horseback and on foot. Whoever looks at it, with its handsome fine pennant, is bewildered with great fear. She delivers thrusts dangerous and strong, a single one of which can take a life. Therefore, let her first strike be accurate. I [the lance] will get the axe, the sword and the dagger all off the hook!

As the culmination of two of the surviving dei Liberi manuscripts, and the beginning of the two others, mounted combat is really a microcosm of the entire Art of Arms, encompassing the use of the lance, sword and wrestling, in and out of armour, all from the back of a trained, 1200-lb warhorse.

The equestrian sections of the Flower of Battle also contain instructions for combating a horseman while using a ghiavarina (a type of winged-spear or partisan), hurling a javelin from horseback, and how to deal with being pursued on horseback.