Does our mission and method appeal to you? Then we want you as an Affiliate!

Ideal for existing schools and study groups, in the process of affiliation, we will want to know more about you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Email the Society secretary at:
  2. In your email, tell us about yourself such as:
    • the size of your group,
    • how old it is,
    • where you train,
    • your prior martial experience.
    • What you hope to gain from affiliation
  3. We review your request, confirm your application and send you a request for your annual dues: $30 USD per individual, $100 per School, paid annually. Fees go to maintenance of the website, and production of digital and printed materials. There are no paid positions within IAS.
  4. If you have a one-on-one mentoring-style relationship with a school or instructor (similar to what we discuss on our pages) and are interested in a Mentored relationship with IAS, we ask that you contact them and tell them of  your interest in IAS.

You’ll have access to a number or private written documents and media files, a private forum, the chance to attend IAS-only training events, and the Society will oversee your progress, in keeping with our process of providing quality guidance, and to ensure interpretations and mechanics are compatible with our standards for interpretation and execution.

The IAS is neither a “school” nor a “federation” in the strictest sense, but is rather more analogous to a trade guild: an association of craftsmen looking to refine and maintain a high standard in the practice of their craft. This sort of relationship exists on an individual teacher-student, with the specific goal of developing a qualified “next generation” of instructors to carry armizare forward. Therefore, beyond simple affiliation with the Society,  members might seem:  accreditation and mentoring.

Accredited teachers are those who have gone through the Society’s certification process and currently hold the ranks of Provost or Magister. Schools run by these instructors are considered member bodies, but it is contingent upon the instructor’s rank and affiliation with the IAS. In other words, if you have joined a school led by an IAS instructor, then you are already a part of the organization!

Mentoring is a key component of the Society’s mission. There are many interested students of armizare who find themselves without a local teacher, a small study group with little formal curriculum, or excellent personal skills but little pedagogical training.  Our Instructional Resources page has a growing repository of training materials, including class handouts, detailed curriculum, video lessons and seminar footage to help. In reviewing these materials, you feel that you would benefit from direct affiliation with the IAS,  then there are two ways to do so.  First, this website lists all IAS certified instructors; find one whose biography, school or proximity appeals to you and contact them directly! A number of our member schools have branch schools that began in just such a fashion, and this method is likely the best choice if you are new to armizare or are working alone.

You can read more about the Affiliation and Mentoring process, and how they differ on our FAQ.