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Body & Sword Mechanics

A Four Part Series filmed in March of 2020 at Northwest Fencing Academy.  We’ll release the other 3 parts in the next three weeks, as well as other learning resources!

Part 1 of 4

“Body Mechanics” refers to the coordinated movements of the body to achieve specific ends. Similarly, “Sword Mechanics” refers to the coordinated movement of the sword, using the sword’s natural balance and rotation points. This three-part video series is an overview of these mechanics. In future videos we will look at body and sword mechanics in more detail.

You can practice these drills at home. If you don’t have a sword, a dowel will do just fine. Please don’t hit the walls or ceiling.

The first exercise uses the abrazare (wrestling) Posta Longa to practice proper timing of arm extension, shoulder and hip engagement, and foot movement, true timing and good power generation.

The second exercise uses the abrazare Posta Dente de Zenghiaro (Boar’s Tooth) to practice the volta stabile, or stable turn.


Armizare Online Body Mechanics Part 1 720p from Sean Hayes on Vimeo.