Armizare was born in the era of the Black Death, a plague that devastated Europe, particularly Italy, in Fiore’s youth and paid periodic visitations for centuries to come. We never expected to find ourselves in a modern global pandemic, but here we are.

During this time, it’s important that we all have the ability to focus on our physical and mental well-being.  Both physical exercise and intellectual engagement are critical parts of our overall health.  To that end, the International Armizare Society is offering resources for study and practice while we all shelter in place, practice physical distancing, and care for others by also caring for ourselves.

Here’s how you can jump in right now!

  • We have a variety of free-to-the-public resources on this site, many solo exercises, others of which you can easily adapt into solo exercises.
  • A new listing of Public Learning Resources, kicked off with the first of a 4 part series on Body & Sword Mechanics!
  • You or your school can join the Society and access the growing library of training materials produce by IAS founding members, which includes a complete basic curriculum for sword, wrestling and dagger, complete with instructional videos, training guides, and lesson plans to get you started.

The free resources are designed to introduce you the fundamentals of L’arte dell’Armizare, its history, and the original cultural context of the art.  The member resources expand on that study, broadening and deepening your understanding of both the history and the physical practice.  It includes a member forum for discussion.

We will be offering expanded membership in the Society,  offering some of the materials à la carte, and setting up a mechanism for web-conferencing with our instructors.  We will have the infrastructure in place shortly!